About Us

TopSportsbooks.com is the collective knowledge and experience of a half dozen established companies that have been participants or observers in the online gaming sector since 1998.

Think of the some of the biggest vendors, the largest sports betting portals, the largest networks of sites: these are the people behind TopSportsbooks.com. And they are connected with management, customer service officials and other employees who add to this base of knowledge and expertise.

The site was started to impart some of the industry information gleaned in the course of doing business with these online sportsbooks. If there is a rumor making the rounds, we have probably heard it, know the source of it and can advise if it is legitimate or bogus.

If a company breaches contracts with its vendors or ignores a contract, TopSportsbooks.com feels that it is more likely to cheat a customer. TopSportsbooks.com wants to brings its experience and knowledge and leverage its clout within the gaming sector to make things better for players and to keep sportsbooks playing by the rules.

In doing so, everyone benefits, the companies thrive and the industry gets stronger by having stronger companies paying closer attention to customer satisfaction.
One glorified or sensationalized customer complaint can do more harm than five years of good citizenship.

It’s our goal to keep taking the pulse of the industry, to continue checking up on all companies in the sector and to champion the cause of players and operators.