How do I know if I will get paid?

When you read our Expert Sportsbook Reviews, you will notice many categories that rate reputation, payment processing, overall stability and the opinion based on our experiences in working with each sportsbook. If a company has been accused of slow-paying or no-paying its customers in the past, that information – and any resolutions to the complaints – will be noted. In some cases, payment processing failures have resulted in significant delays where players did not get paid for a month or more (even though the spportsbook had the money and wanted to pay). Conversely, some books have never missed a payment and have a spotless reputation for payouts (but they may not have the type of bets you want to make). As with any company, come customer complaints are real, others are bogus and some are a point of miscommunication. Don’t judge a sportsbook by a single complaint, but make sure you open your eyes and ensure you patronize a credible, stable and fair operation.